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I need to think about vacation to get me through this month. That’s the right, the title to my vacation is “Sean’s REAL Vacation | Dreams Come True, Keep Coming Truer Episode IV”

I need to think about vacation to get me through this month. That’s the right, the title to my vacation is “Sean’s REAL Vacation | Dreams Come True, Keep Coming Truer Episode IV”

…it makes the dish

—Myself - I just caught myself saying this. It was in regards to chilling your rice in the refrigerator for a few hours before you fry it (for fried rice) - I’m becoming domesticated. HELP!

It’s my wife. No big deal.

It’s my wife. No big deal.


Spider-Man 2 was released June 30th, 2004

This masterpiece of cinema is 10 years old.

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Magnet Theatre, Level III Class Outing!

Magnet Theatre, Level III Class Outing!

Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” (2014) Review (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

Ladies and Gentlemen - I have the unbelievable pleasure to report that the Mrs. and I saw “Godzilla” in IMAX 3D @ AMC Loews Lincoln Square and let me say this…


Let me start with the prologue, when I was a kid in 1st Grade (Catholic School, mind you) - I was difficult. Difficult enough to cut a deal with my teacher. Her husband was a massive “Fan Boy” (in fact he is Walt Flanagan of Comic Book Men on AMC, and is featured in most, if not all, of Kevin Smith’s flicks in the View Askewniverse) - I’m talking about, “TELL’EM STEVE DAVE!”

My teacher would let me borrow a one of her husband’s Godzilla movies once a week if I behaved, and I would write Walt a letter with pictures thanking him for the independent rental. This is a large part of who I am - and how deep my Godzilla fandom ran as a kid. You probably know about Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Marvel/DC - my infatuations with those realms and masterpieces are pretty evident in this Tumblr, however things like Godzilla (and strangely The Three Stooges) are just those things from childhood that really EXPLODE for me.

So - slowly but surely, I start to read updates many moons ago about Legendary Pictures picking up rights to do a Godzilla flick. Ok, cool - Nolan’s house. Then, I see Gareth Edwards is attached to direct. I had previously seen “Monsters” before this news and I have to tell you I was so CONFIDENT in these two ingredients that when the cast was announced - I nearly fell over. Cranston and Watanabe just sealed it.

I seldom do this 100% - I try my best though for each flick I want to see - but I did succeed in avoiding 100% of marketing material that I was not comfortable with viewing. I did not want any sneak peaks at SHIT before I saw this movie. I took the teaser, the first full trailer - and that was enough for me. AND it got tough in the home stretch. I picked up our IMAX tickets about 3 weeks out (assigned seating, bitches! worth every penny) and those 3 weeks was the MASSIVE HURRY UP OFFENSE that every blockbuster throws out at you before the movie comes out. It was whore-ish. And that’s the brilliant metaphor because back in the day as a teenager - how do prude out on a total whore? It’s impossible! But I made it - I put on these proverbial condoms over my eyes, and filtered my entire life (95% being daily internet traffic) from Godzilla ads, featurettes, Easter eggs, international trailers, sex tapes, and hash tags.

So, how’d it shake out? I have never been more fulfilled by a remake in my entire life. If they remade Shawshank Redemption starring Jesus Risen from the Dead - it wouldn’t compare.

-Cinematography, the vantage points of the human beings experiencing the God-like mass of these creatures is AMAZING. One scene in particular stands out, and that is the “Stand By Me” Train sequence of the female MUTO
-Acting, everyone was either great, fine, or acceptable. I see a lot of people getting on Elizabeth Olsen’s case, but DUDE relatively speaking this is great. You finally have a Godzilla flick with “some” concrete emotional connection to what’s happening on the ground. The standard is subtitles of Japanese power plant works fighting alien scientists. We exceeded that.
-Monster CGI, it was just great. Godzilla was rendered with such careful attention to detail. Audience was awestruck at the reveal, and rooted like ‘86 Mets came back to a win another World Series in 2014.
-BATTLES, BATTLES, BATTLES, the kill strikes and blow by blows were just THERE. That, and the atomic fire breath was used in fair amount with the appropriately timed BLOW BY BLOW that you would expect from Edwards. Pacing of “Monsters” is a neat sneak peak into the revealing structure of Godzilla - “Let Them Fight”

-Not so much a con, but an average con I’ve heard is not enough Godzilla screentime, but they really followed a similar if not exact formula to the older flicks. HOWEVER, this time around you get something substantial out of what’s being built on the ground - yeah, you might get to a point where you’re feeling a little cock teased, but it’s totally worth it and if you have faith in this movie generating a sequel - you will surely be rewarded in spades now that the general universe is laid and well…we know what this version of Godzilla can do in an Episode I kind of way. I say bring on Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah!