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17-Year-Old Creates a 3D-Printed Robotic Prosthetic Arm for $250

Combining a Nintendo Power Glove with 3D-printed parts, 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle has designed an incredible robotic prosthetic arm. Made from LEGO bricks, fishing wire, and surgical tubing, LaChapelle’s robotic arm earned him 3rd place in the Colorado Science Fair of 2011 – which inspired him to go even further with the 3D-printed design.

At the Science Fair, LaChapelle encountered an entrant who wore an $80,000 prosthetic arm that would need replacing as she grew. Inspired and intrigued, he decided to take his homemade robotic arm, which could only grip a soda can, to the next level. His new goal was to create a high-tech prosthetic arm that was not only highly functional, but also affordable.

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Sizzle Reel about you! Whaddaya got?

You have an opportunity to make a 4-5 minute sizzle reel about yourself. Any message, any content, and most of all, you get to pick any song to score it. What’s your song?

What’s YOU about?

"Yeah, It's Friday" Moments

  • (Kenny Loggins, Playing with The Boys, verse part in background)
  • Keyth: I just love 80's songs. Like this one. Ya know?
  • Sean: Oh, dude. And like Huey Lewis? 80's!
  • Keyth: Yeah, this is that song from the volleyball montage of Top Gun.
  • Sean: No, it's not that 's "Playing! Playing with the boys".
  • Keyth: Oh, yeah - you're right
  • (Kenny Loggins, Playing with the Boys, CHORUS KICKS IN)
  • Both: WHOA!!!!!!
  • (missed high five)
  • (second attempt high five slightly more successful)
  • Sean: Ok, so yeah. It is this song.

I am in wedding invite BEAST MODE

—Things you say when you’re engaged that you thought you’d never fucking say